Case Study

Saxon Reach, Milton Keynes

September 15, 2020

L&Q set out to ensure high standards of product and low rates of repair and were reassured by our development designs, produced using our unique Design Standards of Excellence (DSE), our unique design guides creating variation within the development from within a structured framework which can be efficiently delivered.

  • L&Q are committed to procurement based on whole-life costs and low-carbon factors, a deciding factor in their decision to choose timber frame as part of their drive to embrace MMC.
  • L&Q’s USP on providing larger open plan living space has meant that on open plan narrower detached, semi-detached and end units portal frames needed to be introduced.
  • L&Q Counties are a new formed development division of L&Q Group – they have had a steep learning curve as timber frame was a new form of build for them.
  • The timber frame system brings superior insulation and guaranteed product quality which is being rolled out across a number of L&Q developments in the Counties.
  • All homes come with a 10-year NHBC warranty and 2 years of L&Q Customer Care.
  • SIGMA II 140mm closed panel with factory fitted windows – the party wall cavities are fully filled with edge sealing to achieve a 0.0 uValue, W/(m2K)
  • The roofs are standard trusses, top hat trusses, as well as closed insulated roof cassettes.
  • Education and Training Modules – Stewart Milne Timber Systems have been educating the newly recruited individuals and rolling out our training modules to ensure the houses were designed in line with their USP, which is quality and space standards.