Realising the benefits

Through discussion and review of building specifications and works packages, we help developers and contractors realise the significant financial benefits available for building with our timber frame. We offer advice to support value engineering initiatives and ensure base costs are correct, to ensure materials specifications and allowances are not duplicated and follow-on trades clearly understand what they need to include in their packages. There are no hidden extras or surprises for our clients. They can realise the full cost benefits of working with timber frame compared to other systems of build.

Competitive Rates

Competitive rates to masonry build

Reduced costs

Reduced site prelim costs and development financing


Savings in labour with increased speed of build

Material Disposal

Reduced material disposal costs

Factory fitted

Reduced carpentry costs as windows and door frames can be factory fitted

Follow on trades

Reduced labour and materials costs for follow-on trades

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Throughout the whole tender process you have been the most helpful, and the most competitive price-wise

Steven Payne,
Countryside Properties UK Ltd

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