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Sustainability and efficiency built in

Following extensive research and working with experienced architects, consultants and house-building partners, we have developed a range of house types that are not only sustainable, flexible and elegant but also have reduced design costs, time saving, and cost certainty built in.

The house type designs have been heavily influenced by Design for Manufacture and Assembly principles to suit a timber frame closed panel modular build system that achieves high levels of Pre-Manufactured Value, and utilise a high degree of standard components, layouts and materials.

Wind, water and weatherproof from Day 3

All the designs available use timber frames constructed off-site and delivered ready to install, on site. We offer a range of 16 designs in our pattern-book, and whether you opt for a cottage, flats, or four bed family homes (or something in between), you’re opting for a more efficient, quicker, easier, and more sustainable option. We not only use market leaning design, but we also make the most of advanced manufacturing technology, to help ensure performance and an efficient build process.

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The smarter choice for you, the better choice for buyers

Our range of timber frame home designs are a cost-effective solution. Our pattern book features 16 designs for a range of homes from cottage flats to four bed family houses. Each has been designed to make your build more efficient both in terms of the construction and budgeting. every house type has been designed with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind. Plus, the levels of standardisation achieved with the designs make procurement more efficient, whilst the use of SIGMA II closed panels means that each property is wind and water-tight from day one, speeding up the overall build process on site.

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Home designs with sustainability built in

Our house designs use our SIGMA II timber frame system which is designed to achieve superior levels of fabric performance, suitable for projects which are seeking to achieve the very highest of fabric efficiency. And, because all our designs come with embodied carbon calculations and PMV scores for the timber frame, tracking and controlling carbon for each home is – like the build itself – quicker, easier and more efficient.

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A housing design by DTS

A housing design by DTS

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