Presenting at Be@COP26

November 16, 2021

Stewart Dalgarno, our Director of Product Development, presented ‘Mainstreaming Timber in Construction’ at the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre’s Wood for Good conference on 2nd November, a conference celebrating the history of timber in construction and how it is growing in use as the zero-carbon construction material of the future.  Stewart’s presentation focused on our timber frame manufacturing as a modern method of construction, and how this supports the built environment.

The conference, Be@COP26, tied in with COP26, the UN’s climate change conference held in Glasgow this November.   Timber and forestry have a role to play as part of the solution to fighting climate change.  Trees are a natural carbon capture, storing CO2 as carbon in its wood. Sustainable forestry practices and the wood products produced contribute to a growing carbon store in increased tree planting, whilst displacing emissions from other CO2-intensive materials by replacing them with wood products, and storing carbon captured by trees in wood products for their lifetime.

The conference ran for a day and covered talks from those developing its use and explored zero carbon solutions being developed for our communities and built world.

Some fascinating statistics were shared during Stewart’s talk – for example, on average building a home with timber saves 12 tonnes of CO2 – the equivalent of a car driving around the world 1.7 times. That helps to put into perspective why building in timber frame really is the future of housebuilding in a sustainable way.

Stewart’s talk is available on YouTube